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Miz Mooz 40s Frederick Leather Ankle Booties in Ocean Blue
Miz Mooz 60s Lewis Leather Chelsea Booties in Kiwi
Miz Mooz 60s Swoon Leather Boots in Ocean Blue
Miz Mooz 40s Flicka Leather Ankle Booties in Brown
Miz Mooz 50s Spin Leather Pumps in Brandy and Yellow
Miz Mooz 60s Lenore Leather Shoes in Burgundy
Miz Mooz 60s Lincoln Leather Boots in Burgundy
Miz Mooz 60s Letty Leather Shoes in Dark Brown
Miz Mooz 60s Fayette Mary Jane Pumps in Deep Red
Miz Mooz 50s Kettle Mary Jane Leather Pumps in Ocean Blue
Miz Mooz 50s Krissy Leather Mary Jane Pumps in Denim Blue
Miz Mooz 60s Kit Leather Mary Jane Pumps in Oily Black
Miz Mooz 70s Kellim Leather Boots in Brandy
Miz Mooz 40s Francine Leather Pumps in Brandy
€ 169,95
€ 84,98
Miz Mooz 50s Channing Leather Ankle Booties in Red
Miz Mooz 50s Sedona Leather Pump Booties in Black
Miz Mooz 40s Felice Shoe Booties in Wine
Miz Mooz 40s Fabian Leather Ankle Booties in Brandy

Vintage inspired shoes in many shapes and sizes

Whether you’re looking for heels, wedges, slingbacks, sandals, flats or boots, there’s a perfect pair for every retro-chic lady right here in the TopVintage boutique! Because great shoes are one thing, but great vintage shoes really know how to take your style to the next level! The collection of vintage shoes we have here are perfect for finishing off your retro outfit in the best way. Like retro Mary-Janes for that pin-up touch, or black flats with jeans and a tight top for the ultimate Audrey Hepburn-look. Or are you looking for the perfect vintage wedding shoes? We also have many of those! The detail on the shoes makes them just right for every moment you want to look extra feminine and special.

Here at TopVintage, like any woman, we’re mad about shoes. The more, the better! Because there’s always a different occasion to wear a good shoe, we’re making sure to offer you only the best retro shoes for every occasion you’ve got! That’s why we’re proud of our collection of vintage shoes. Chose a pair that’s right for you? They’ll come your way as fast as possible with our fast shipping service. Online shopping here is that fun and easy! And don’t be afraid; if the shoe doesn’t fit or you’re just not 100% satisfied, you can send your item back for a refund or an exchange. So what’s it like to be a stylish 50’s movie star? They say you’ll never know until you walk in their shoes. Go ahead and decide which one is your favourite pair!